A Comparison of Regular Headphones and Noise Canceling Headphones

You wouldn’t think that buying a new set of headphones would be so difficult. However, with all the new technology and headphone styles available it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The first and perhaps most important decision to make is whether you want noise canceling headphones or traditional headphones. What are Noise Canceling Headphones? Noise canceling headphones are headphones that eliminate outside noise. They do so by either creating a physical barrier that prevents it from reaching your eardrum or by using noise canceling technology. This technology, also commonly referred to as ANC, Active Noise Cancellation, strives to create a sound that is the opposite of the outside noise. For example, if you’re on an airplane, then the technology would detect the sound of the engine. It would then create an opposing sound in your ear. The two noises cancel each other out and you only hear your audio. Traditional Headphone Benefits One of the common complaints about noise canceling headphones is the sound quality. The audio quality is often much better with traditional high quality headphones. Additionally, noise canceling headphones often produce an audible hiss. Another potential benefit of traditional headphones is price. You can get good sound quality for much less than a basic pair of noise canceling headphones. Noise Canceling Headphone Benefits Technology continues to improve the sound quality of noise canceling headphones. And as sound quality increases, price continues to decrease. Noise canceling headphones used to be extremely expensive when they were first introduced. Now you can buy a good quality pair for $300 or less. In addition to the improving sound quality and decreased price, there’s the benefit of noise cancellation. You can enjoy your music without outside interruption. You can also listen to your music at a lower volume. It saves your ears! Finally, it can eliminate those constant low level sounds that cause stress. Traffic noise, engine noise, and everyday street sounds have been shown to increase stress and the release of stress hormones. Deciding Between Traditional Headphones and Noise Cancellation Headphones When deciding between traditional headphones and noise cancellation headphones consider the following: • Do you travel often? If yes, noise cancellation headphones may be your favourite travel accessory. • Do you live in a noisy environment? Noise blocking technology can change your life and improve your health. • Do you listen to music often? You may enjoy a better listening experience with noise cancelling headphones. • Is price your primary consideration? Traditional headphones may be the most budget friendly. • Are you buying for a teenager or young adult? Noise cancellation headphones may save their hearing. Noise cancellation headphones today offer exceptional sound quality and the added benefit of blocking outside noise. They can be problematic for people who listen to music while walking because they may not be able to hear traffic and other pedestrians. However, in any other situation, noise cancellation technology is generally the best option.


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